Children and young people

We see young people as an integral part of the church family and do all we can to ensure they feel fully a part of and contribute to what is going on. It is a lovely to see young people growing in their understanding of the Christian faith and growing in their relationship with God. At Christ Church we endeavour to ensure that our young people (and vulnerable adults) are free to be themselves within a family friendly church environment which is safe.  As part of this, the church has put safeguarding policies in place.  Please see the separate safeguarding section for more details. 

Sunday activities

Currently the main children and young people's Christian based activities take place on a Sunday morning.

0-3 years:  A table with crayons, paper and books is located in the church and we do not mind if there is a little noise created now and again! Although you will need to supervise your little one, you are free to go into the hall and join the Butterflies group as you and your child prefer.

3-14 years: This age range currently stays together for a session but would split into two groups should the number of younger members increase (the main grouping at the moment tends to be 8+).  The theme for the day is tailored so that the activities followed are suitable to the age of the children present.  Historically, the younger members of the group have been known as "Butterflies" and the older "BLT - Believe it, Live it, Tell it".

In addition to the above Sunday group meetings a Saturday night get together at the vicarage in Shanklin regularly takes place where fun activities are organised including food!

Our leaders try and ensure that the sessions are all stimulating and relevant to the young people of all ages.  From time to time, mainly during the summer holidays the children and young people stay in the service but when they do we try to ensure that the service is family friendly.


On Mondays (10m start) and Wednesdays (9.30am start) Little Friends takes place. The sessions last for 2 hours.  This is an open session for parents and their children (0-4 years) to join in play-based activities.  There is a small charge so that the toys can be maintained and to cover the refreshments which are provided.  Although the sessions are facilitated through church members, the Christian content is kept light but with special activities and projects organised around the main Christian festivals and harvest.