Sunday service

As shown on the welcome page, our main Sunday service is held at 11am.  Depending on the week of the month, the forms of the service are as follows:

  • Second and fourth Sundays - Holy Communion
  • First, third and, as applicable, fifth Sundays - Morning Worship

All services follow authorised forms provided for in Common Worship.

Each week our children and young people join the service for the first part and then leave for their groups before the sermon, returning when there is a communion for the distribution part of that service.  On the first Sunday of the month and during the summer school holidays and other times, when no separate young people’s group is planned, then we aim to make the content of the main service family friendly.

Thanksgiving and Baptism

One of the most special moments in the life of a parent, and a cause for great celebration, is the birth or adoption of a child.  Many people want to express their joy and share with family and friends in giving thanks to God for the creation and gift of new life and the new addition to their family.  Sometimes this will include promising to bring up the child to know, love and follow Jesus and praying for the child accordingly.

At Christ Church, we offer a special service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child at which the child is named and blessed.  The service of Thanksgiving gives the opportunity for parents and families, and us as a congregation, to join together in giving thanks for the birth or adoption of a child and to pray for the child, the parents and their family life together.  The service leaves the way open for baptism in the future, should you on behalf of your child, or your child, choose to be baptised. 

Full details of what is available is described in the leaflet "Thanksgiving and Baptism at Christ Church". 


Wedding ceremonies are joyful occasions which we are very glad to hold.  We see inviting God to be part of a marriage union to be very special.  Comfortable seating, modern facilities and the opportunity to provide refreshments before the reception are all available to help make that perfect day.  If you would like to consider using the church as the venue for your wedding, please do get in touch with us using the contact page.


The church is available for funerals and memorial services.  Such services are normally organised through the funeral directors with whom initial contact should be made.  If you have had a close bereavement and would value personal support to help you through what can be a very difficult time, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact page and we would be glad to arrange to visit you.