It is vitally important that everyone attending and involved in church activities feels safe.  With this in mind, the PCC (Parochial Church Council - the church's local governing body) regularly reviews the measures in place to ensure that those likely to be in contact with children and young people and vulnerable adults are subject to appropriate checking procedures before they take up any church post.  All members of the church's ministry and children's team are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) cleared.  In addition, those in church leadership positions are required to undertake suitable training in order to help advance their knowledge and awareness of the issue.  The church follows the recommendations of the Portsmouth Diocese and its handbook "In safe hands".

Anyone with safeguarding concerns should contact the church's safeguarding officer, Debbie Andre, in the first instance.  She can be contacted by email by clicking here.  Alternatively the vicar the Rev Mark Williams can be contacted by email by clicking here or by telephoning him on 01983 639280 .  The church's current safeguarding policy can be accessed by clicking here.

Christ Church now has a dog policy that has been approved by the PCC.  This can be seen here.